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Forglemmegei is a melancholic short film exploring loss, grief and denial, following the journey of a stubborn old man as he struggles to accept the fate of his closest friend.

I pitched, wrote and directed the short film Forglemmegei (english: Forget-Me-Not) for my final year at The Animation Workshop.

In addition to directing, my main areas of work included writing, storyboarding, editing and setting up the final cameras throughout the project.


Forglemmegei has been shortlisted for a BAFTA award, received both 'Best of The Month' and 'Staff Pick' from VIMEO, and won both audience awards and 'best student film' since its release in 2019. 

Below is a selection of stills, comparing storyboard panels to the respective shot in the final film. Some shots stayed more or less the same, while others were changed as we continued to experiment with the shots in the previs phase.

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