Vistex Agreement Request

While agreements can be created and managed directly, Vistex`s proven approach is to establish a request for agreement and then reserve the requirement to create or amend the agreement. The types of agreement requirements are assigned to a type of agreement in the configuration. Enter the default requirement type in the default requirement type field. To display several types of requirements in the Drop List Type of Requirement, list them in the chord type configuration. When an application for an agreement is made for the creation of a new agreement, the drop-down list is limited to the types of agreement-related requirements assigned to this type of agreement. When the agreement requirement is created to amend an existing agreement, all types of requirements are listed in the system. In the event of a mass change in several agreements, the system can be configured to establish a collective agreement requirement for all amended agreements. Otherwise, the system establishes a separate request for agreement for each agreement. In the configuration of the type of agreement request, check the requirement to collect the identifier. If you record the mass changes as a request for agreement, the system displays a dialog box indicating the type of contract requirement.

In the window, check the “Collect” box to create a collection request, or leave the checkbox empty to create separate individual requirements. The requirement of the agreement allows for one or more phases of approval as part of an approval process. During an approval process, the department, team or person assigned to each level of the approval process must approve the agreement requirement before the amendments are transferred to an agreement or before the requirement is transformed into a new agreement. If the requirement of the agreement is rejected during the approval process, the agreement requirement will continue to be kept in the workbench of the association appeal. Agreement requirements can be configured to simultaneously authorize multiple open requirements or to allow only one requirement per type of agreement requirement, based on the organization`s requirements. An organization can, for example. B limit the number of requirements per type of agreement, which can be opened simultaneously, so that each change request is verified before a new requirement can be proposed. A contract application can be initiated either by an internal partner or by an external partner. An external partner must have permissions to access the launchpad. SAP Vistex enables companies to maintain incentive, discount, contract and price solutions.

The integration of Vistex`s Incentive Administration is a unique program and incentive agreements that range from simple to complex. SAP Vistex can be carefully integrated into SAP software to enable analysis, reporting functions and robust management. It also allows you to define the allocation and the objective and to check the actual result with your budget. This effectively manages incentive and commission programs. It is available for use with SAP Business Suite, which is supported by the SAP HANA platform. These include data incentive activities such as data processing that increases speed for reporting, computing and analysis tasks, incentive calculation, pricing and real-time analysis. Contract requests can be used to record and store information such as offers that cannot be obtained with profit/loss codes.

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