Agreement On Anti Dumping Wto

6.2 Throughout the anti-dumping investigation, all interested parties have the opportunity to fully defend their interests. To this end, the authorities give all interested parties, on their application, the opportunity to meet with those parties with unfavourable interests, in order to assert opposing views and to refute the arguments. The provision of such opportunities must take into account the need to maintain confidentiality and accommodation with respect to the parties. Participation in a meeting is not mandatory and non-compliance with that meeting does not interfere with that party`s case. Interested parties also have the right to provide additional information orally in support of these reasons. Article 5 sets out the conditions for opening investigations. The AD agreement provides that investigations should normally be initiated on the basis of a written request made “by or on behalf” of a domestic industry. This “permanent” requirement is supported by numerical limits to determine whether domestic producers receive sufficient assistance to conclude that the application is submitted by or on behalf of the domestic industry, which warrants an introduction. The AD agreement establishes, in written requests for anti-dumping measures relating to declarations, prejudice and causation, as well as other information relating to the product, industry, importers, exporters and other issues, in written requests for anti-dumping protection, and provides that, in special circumstances, where the authorities soggy without a written request from a domestic industry, they can only conduct if they have sufficient evidence of dumping. , harm and harm.

and causality. In order to ensure that worthless investigations do not continue, which could disrupt legitimate trade, Article 5.8 provides for the immediate closure of investigations in cases where the volume of imports is negligible or if the dumping margin is de minimis, and sets numerical thresholds for these findings. In order to minimize the commercial effect of investigations, Article 5.10 stipulates that investigations must be closed within one year, under no circumstances after the opening of 18 months.

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